Renovation Proposal: Drawings

Below you will find the drawings of the proposed FLC building renovation, provided to us by Kueny Architects. The floor plans show you the internal renovations and additions to the building. The renderings of the space (the inside and outside “pictures” and video walkthrough) are meant to give a very general visual depiction of the building, focusing on feel and structure. These drawings are not yet final. 

Click each picture for a larger view.

From Your Campaign Chairs

Dear First Lutheran Family,

We are honored to work with a talented team to execute a meaningful capital campaign that will chart the course of First Lutheran Church “For Generations to Come.” A successful campaign will generate the resources to build a new and renovated structure, but more importantly will provide the foundation for the mission of our congregation now and in the future.

Here are some key dates and things to expect as we kick off the public phase of the campaign:

For Generations to Come – Launch Sunday, April 18, 2021, concluding with Response Sunday, May 9, 2021 (Mother’s Day)
~ Appeal packets and information mailings
~ Special devotions written by members of our church
~ Special projects for our children and youth
~ Informational calls from volunteers
~ A special event that involves donuts!
~ Virtual and in-person opportunities to worship, pray and celebrate.

We invite you to engage with your First Lutheran Church siblings as we embark on this important endeavor.

In the Glory of the Risen Christ,
Jeff Olinger and Heidi Miller Olinger, Campaign Chairs

3/14/21 Congregational Meeting Voting Results

This morning, nearly 200 FLC members gathered in person and via Zoom for a congregational meeting to vote on launching the public phase of the capital campaign. Here is the motion that was voted on, by written ballot (paper and email):

We approve the launch of the public phase of a 5 million dollar capital appeal for funding the First Lutheran Church building project. This appeal will allow us to finalize a building plan at a later date.

The motion passes, 169-16, with one abstention.

The capital appeal, For Generations to Come, will kick off on Sunday, April 18 and conclude on Sunday, May 9. We are excited to introduce to you the following First Lutheran Church members and advisors who are serving key roles on our campaign advisory team:

Pastor Joe Crowther, Campaign Consultant
Jeff & Heidi Olinger, Campaign Chairs
Adrian Walter & Troy Whitehill, Building Liaisons
Megan Torkelson, Campaign Communication
Karen Trewin, Spiritual Life
Jill Marquardt, Children and Youth
Barbara Amundson, Messengers
Uwe Rudolf & Ruth Caldwell, Worship
Padrin Grimstad, Events
Pr. Melissa Bills, Pastoral Advisor

We are grateful for these leaders and for ALL OF YOU. We are thrilled to continue as partners in this journey of faith, as we continue to discern God’s call for our ministries, our mission, and the facilities that will support them into the future.

Watch for more information in the coming weeks regarding both the capital appeal and the proposed building plans. There will be many opportunities to participate in this process and to contribute your voice.

Meanwhile, current information about the building project and process can always be found here, on the Building Updates page of the FLC website. To provide feedback or ask questions about the building project, email building@firstlutherandecorah.orgor call Adrian Walter, 563-379-0757.

Thank you to all who attended today’s meeting, and all who continue to support FLC with love and prayers. We truly are the church together, now and for generations to come!

Congregational Meeting 3/14/21: Capital Campaign Approval

This Sunday, March 14 at 10:30 a.m. there will be a congregational meeting to vote on launching the public phase of the capital campaign:

Led by God’s Spirit, we approve the launch of the public phase of a 5 million dollar capital appeal for funding the First Lutheran Church building project. This appeal will allow us to finalize a building plan at a later date.

Approving building plans will take place in early summer.  This Sunday, we are simply asking the congregation whether the campaign leadership team can start the next phase of their work. 

Participants will be able to join the meeting via Zoom, by phone, or in-person in the Fellowship Hall where Covid protocols will be in place.  (Because of the congregational meeting there is no virtual fellowship hour this Sunday).

Zoom link: Passcode (if prompted): 477803
Call-in numbers: (312) 626-6799, (301) 715-8592, (646) 558-8656, (253) 215-8782, (346) 248-7799, or (669) 900-9128.
Meeting ID: 886 9145 5539 Passcode: 477803

Due to a request to vote by written ballot, the following procedures will be in place on Sunday:

In-person attendees in the Fellowship Hall will turn in their ballot in person during the meeting.

Zoom and phone attendees can submit their vote between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. via paper ballot or email. 

  • To submit via paper ballot, write your vote (“No”, “Yes”, or “Abstain”) on a piece of paper (any piece of scratch paper will do). Use a separate piece of paper for each person voting. Place your ballot in the box outside the church office. A council member will check your name off the list. You can ask a friend or neighbor to drop off your ballot at church if necessary. 
  • To submit via email, send your vote to between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Please send a separate email per each person voting. Karen Martin-Schramm will record email votes and will keep your identity confidential. 

You must attend the congregational meeting (in-person, phone, or Zoom) to be eligible to cast a ballot.

Troubleshooting:  If you are having trouble getting into the Zoom meeting or if you have questions about casting your ballot, call Adrian Walter, 563-379-0757. 

Further information about the building project and process can be found on the Building Updates page. To provide feedback or ask questions at any time during the process, email or call Adrian Walter, 563-379-0757.

Call Committee Update 3/3/21

The Senior Pastor Call Committee has recently concluded the first round of interviews and will be reflecting on the candidates before beginning a second round of video interviews. They are planning to do onsite interviews as a final round; however, those are still some time off and will not be announced publicly until after they occur. Though specific questions cannot be answered, the chairperson welcomes general questions. Contact Zac Robinson, (303) 204-2045.