An update from the Building Taskforce (as published in the February First Word Newsletter):
We are actively managing a couple of different projects related to the sanctuary.
The first is stability. As communicated previously, horizontal supports were put in place late December to ensure the exterior walls could not collapse outward, which met our original goal of securing the area around the church. The next step will be to discuss vertical stability to ensure the roof doesn’t collapse into the sanctuary. Our taskforce is working with contractors and engineers on plans for this.
The second project is determining whether to repair or replace the roof. If replacing is the best option, the hope would be that the vertical supports installed in the sanctuary would be not be permanent, but rather temporary as necessary stabilizers to support the work. If repairing is the best option, we’d most likely be looking at the addition of permanent columns to our worship space, as the primary support for the roof, which we would reinforce in order to prevent further deterioration. Both of these options bring with them a number of benefits and challenges, both from a timing and cost perspective.
We are grateful for your prayers and encouragement as we continue to work toward God’s plan for First Lutheran.
The FLC Building Taskforce
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