Last week we began our new worship pattern in the carriage house behind the church. Thank you to everyone who helped set up and prepare the space for worship! We are grateful to return to a more stable schedule for worship and education. We will continue to make adjustments to best utilize the space. Thank you for your flexibility and your creative input as we make the carriage house our new home away from home.

Our contractor and structural engineer have been monitoring the building since the initial stabilization work was completed on the sanctuary the week of December 17. The building task force met with our contractor again this week to review their latest findings and short-term recommendations.

The initial structural stabilization efforts have proved sufficient to ensure safety around the outside perimeter of the building, so all barricades have been removed from the outside of the building. The main office entrance has been reopened.

However, the report from the contractor and engineer suggests that more stabilization is necessary to further secure the structure and provide a safe environment inside the sanctuary for the engineer to do the work necessary to evaluate and recommend plans for the building’s repair. The contractor and building task force are working to secure a plan and timeline for these additional stabilization efforts.

Several people have asked about the organ, and we want to assure everyone that its safety is a priority as the situation progresses. There are no immediate plans to remove the organ from the sanctuary.

In the meantime:

  • Please continue to join us for worship in the carriage house – 5:00 p.m. Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Sundays, all traditional in style.
  • Please continue to be faithful in your giving. We did not close 2018 as strongly as we had hoped, and achieving our budget goals is essential as we move forward. We ask you to be mindful of the stewardship commitments you made during our fall campaign and to help us sustain a strong financial position in 2019.
  • Join us on Sunday, January 27 for our Annual Meeting, to be held in the carriage house between services. We need your voice and your vote.

Your church leadership continues to commit to open and helpful communication. Please contact the pastors or the church council with further questions or concerns.

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