The Call Committee held their first meeting September 9 and elected officers.

Thank you to Zac Robinson for agreeing to be the chairperson and to Betsy Ratashak-Vogel for serving as recording secretary.

On September 16, the committee, Church Council and staff met with the Rev. Steve Brackett, assistant to the Northeastern Iowa Synod bishop, to review the process. The first step will be to complete a Ministry Site Profile (MSP), a document describing First Lutheran’s gifts and needs, and what the congregation is looking for in a senior pastor. The MSP is approved by the Church Council, shared with the congregation and filed with the synod office to share with potential candidates. Findings from the congregational survey conducted by Kairos & Associates in 2019 will be incorporated into the profile.

For questions about the call process, contact Zac Robinson at or 303-204-2045.

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