Because of the recent surge of COVID infections including infections suffered by fully vaccinated individuals, the COVID Task Force met on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 to decide what we should do as a caring Christian congregation.  Members include:  Pastor Dennis Niezwaag, President Ryan Torkelson, Vice-president Sarah Schacherer, Adrian Walter, Dr. JT Vogel, Tracy Hjelle, Susan Nelson, Erika Huegel, and Pat Trewin.

After a lot of discussion and wanting to take reasonable precautions but not overreact, the Task Force decided to recommend to the Church Council that we continue to “strongly encourage” everyone to wear masks at the indoor services, limit singing to cantors and a masked choir, continue with individual seated Holy Communion, and to continue the outdoor service as long as possible.  Since the Council does not meet until the 14th of the month, Pastor Niezwaag will start phasing in these changes for the first two Sundays of September.

Please remember to pray for your leaders and appreciate the difficult decisions that they are making in an effort to care about others during this challenging time.

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