September 13 is God’s Work Our Hands Sunday, an ELCA-wide day of service. Recognizing the limitations to our service opportunities due to COVID-19, we are offering two ways to participate in God’s Work Our Hands 2020:

  1.  Random Acts of Kindness on September 13. Use God’s Work Our Hands Sunday to do an act of kindness or service for someone in your life. Anything goes. Volunteer to do the dishes if that isn’t your usual task. Mow a neighbor’s lawn. Light a candle and spend intentional time in prayer for our world. Whatever it is, do SOMETHING this day to care for someone else or for our creation.
  2. September Month of Service. Take a look at our calendar of serving below. You don’t have to do all of it, but it is a great menu for incorporating prayer and service into your everyday life. (Click the picture to view full-size image.) Items will be posted daily on FLC social media accounts as well.
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