Capital Campaign Update
June 29, 2023
Pastor Mike Wilker 

The For Generations to Come Capital Campaign The Preconstruction Team, architects, and construction manager have been working in the past four months to craft an updated construction plan. We are working hard to balance the construction expenses and income. This week the team decided to separate the plan into four bid projects: 1) Sanctuary steel structure, 2) Sanctuary finishes, 3) Gathering Space, and 4) Elevator and small entry. This will help the team and Council determine which parts of the project we will be able to accomplish and how much each component will cost. The new bids will be due later this summer.

Projected Income
We have already received $3 million in gifts and pledges! If we have the financial capacity to build the large Gathering Hall, there may be an additional possibility of $600,000 for geothermal and expanded solar. Thank you! As we enter the groundbreaking phase, we will ask for another $700,000 in gifts. In addition, we’ll use the undesignated bequests of $112,000 for sanctuary furnishings, AV, and livestream equipment. Plus, we plan to have a $1 million loan to finance up to 30 years. This makes the total estimated campaign income $5.4 million.

On the expense side, the indirect costs like fees for architects, engineers, sanctuary furnishings, permit fees, and contingency funds will be about $1 million. That leaves $4.4 million for actual construction and remodeling costs.

Bids and Revisions
The base bid for the Sanctuary restructuring, addition of the Gathering Hall, remodeling of the first floor of the office/education wing, and geothermal wells was $6.5 million. We selected Joseph Company from Austin, MN, to help us reduce the costs of the base bid to get us to $4.4 construction.

At the end of May, the architects and construction manager presented their proposal to cut the construction costs from $6.5 million to $4.4 million. Among many smaller reductions that seemed achievable, the biggest cut they recommended was to postpone the remodeling of the office and education wing until a later phase. Even with that cut, the project would cost $5.9 million, $1.5 million more than our estimated gifts and loan.

The Preconstruction Team gave the architects and construction manager more time to rework their drawings and recommendations. 

On Tuesday, June 27, the Preconstruction Team met with the architect and construction manager to receive updated concepts and timelines for bidding and construction. We accepted the following:

Bid Package #01 – Sanctuary Steel Bid July 2023

  • Install new Sanctuary structural steel truss frames.
  • Install new Sanctuary steel columns–Chase down through lower level.
  • Patchwork associated with new steel Sanctuary level.
  • Patch work associated with new column install main and lower level.
  • Replace steel cat walk in attic space of Sanctuary.
  • Rework affected baseboard heat for Sanctuary.


Bid Package #02 – Sanctuary Finishes Bid dates TBD (Fall/Winter 2023)

  • New paint work in Sanctuary.
  • Painting of existing chair rail.
  • New sanctuary lighting package–revised design 2023.
  • Platform alterations and North Sanctuary ramp.
  • Sanctuary flooring and wall base.


Bid Package #03 – Gathering Space Bid dates TBD (Fall/Winter 2023)     

  • Gathering Space and West Entrance construction.
  • New Gathering Space Restrooms. Minimum (4) restrooms.
  • New elevator construction.
  • Installation of Sanctuary door from elevator landing.
  • Lower level elevator landing to Fellowship Hall.
  • Reduce Gathering Space kitchenette to a beverage counter.
  • Existing first floor offices and Fireside Room remain unchanged.


Bid Package #04 – Elevator and Small Entry Design Bid dates TBD (Fall/Winter 2023)

  • Sanctuary Entrance Construction (Design Option“02”–Entrance on existing grade).
  • New Sanctuary Entrance Exterior Sitework.
  • Elevator Construction.
  • West Office Entry and Vestibule Construction –wayfinding signage in hallway.
  • West ADA sidewalk from parking lot.
  • Installation of Sanctuary door from elevator landing.
  • Lower level elevator landing to Fellowship Hall.
  • Existing first floor offices and Fireside Room remain unchanged.

Sanctuary A/V, livestream, and furnishings will be bid separately and are paid from the indirect costs budget.

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