(updated January 17, 2020)
Pr. Joe Crowther, our Kairos consultant, met with 87 First Lutheran Church members in one-one-one and group listening sessions, January 7-9, 2020. Thank you to all who participated. “I am thrilled by the level of participation and for the enthusiasm for the work ahead of us,” said Pr. Chad.

“The listening sessions confirmed and expanded the MAP survey results,” said Pr. Joe. “First Lutheran is very healthy. The congregation is uniquely and extraordinarily missional. Members have high regard for staff, love of the music program, and pride in your youth ministries.

“The top three components of a successful capital campaign are clarity of mission, trust in leadership, and gift-stewardship integrity. First Lutheran is rock-solid in all three.”

Pastor Joe uses the information gathered through the Missional Assessment Profile (MAP) surveys and listening sessions to understand the possibilities, willingness, capacity and excitement for growing our ministry and how this relates to our building.

Next steps

January 2020. Based on listening data, Pr. Joe submits a report with recommendations to FLC leaders including our pastors, church council and building committee.

February 2020. Carol Birkland completes Community Listening Post sessions to provide information about the needs of the wider community.

Pr. Joe/Kairos steps back/pauses to allow the building committee and key leaders a chance to synthesize the Kairos report with architect recommendations.

April 2020. A building proposal is presented to the congregation. “At this point, give the Holy Spirit space to work,” recommends Pr. Joe. “Now is not the time to rush.”

Fall 2020. Optimistically, a capital campaign could launch as early as the fall. “Begin a capital campaign that integrates fundraising for mission and ministry—the annual budget—and the building,” said Pr. Joe. “What an exciting time for First Lutheran.”

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