There are many ways to join in celebrating Pastor Chad’s ministry at FLC and wishing him well in his next call. Read through all of the things we are planning and participate in as many activities as you are able!

Card Box
A card box for Pr. Chad is outside the church offices. You are welcome to place cards and notes in the box beginning Monday, June 15, through Friday, June 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Drive-By Farewell
Drive-by farewell traffic flowOn Sunday, June 21, from 9-11 a.m., you are invited to participate in a “drive-by farewell” event so you can say goodbye to Pr. Chad in person. Pr. Chad will be stationed at the Carriage House and you can drive by to wave and wish him well. We are working to avoid congestion on Mill Street and Broadway, so please see the map for details on the route. Signs, cones and Council members will be there to assist. Please keep your interactions brief to help keep traffic moving. You are welcome to hand him a card or note. You may also drop cards and notes in the card box outside the church office.

Virtual Farewell Options
FLC Children: If your child/children would like to be included in a virtual project for Pr. Chad, please email Sarah Schacherer at by Wednesday, June 17 to express interest. Please include names and how many children are in your family, and she will be in contact to give directions.
FLC Adults: Individually or as a family, create a SHORT video (20 seconds or less) with a favorite Pr. Chad memory/story. Email your video to Sarah Schacherer ( by the end of the day on Friday, June 19. It may be easiest to use your cell phone to record the video. Make sure you can be seen and heard well. Contact Sarah via email or by calling (608) 290-6836 with any questions.

The First Lutheran Church Council is coordinating two very special gifts for Pr. Chad. We will share these at a later date so we can keep them a surprise. Your own gifts can be dropped off in the card box in the church office or given to Pastor Chad during the drive-by farewell.

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