First Lutheran Church, rooted in the Gospel of God’s grace, is a welcoming community of worship, witness, spiritual growth and ecumenical service to God and God’s people. 

“FLC has an impressively missional DNA,” says Pr. Joe Crowther, our Kairos capital campaign consultant. He reports the Missional Assessment Profile (MAP) survey revealed FLC members “are outward- and future-focused. They want to be more than a church in the community; they want to be a church for the community.” Mission is foundational to our building process and proposal. Led by God’s Spirit, we build on mission for ministry today and for generations to come.

Led by God’s Spirit, we will build for welcome and hospitality, addressing both physical and spiritual barriers to belonging. 

  • The proposed building has three levels (down from seven), all accessible by a usefully large elevator. The main level stretches from the parking lot to the sanctuary.
  • There are conveniently located accessible restrooms, including outside the sanctuary, in the nursery, in the youth area (upper level), and in the social-ministries area and outside the Fellowship Hall (lower level). No more telling visitors, “the easiest way to get to the restroom is to first head outside.”
  • Mindful of guests and newcomers, consolidated and easily identified entrances will reduce confusion. 
  • A gathering/narthex area and kitchenette outside the sanctuary will make “join us for fellowship time,” an inclusive invitation. On the other side of the pandemic, this area will encourage first and second-service participants to meet and greet each other over edifying coffee and stellar treats.
  • A renovated kitchen in the fellowship hall will be readied for the return of large-group meetings, funeral lunches, and special events.

Led by God’s Spirit, we will build for Lutheran worship and witness, renewing and reforming for continued excellence in liturgy, preaching, and music.

  • Post pandemic, we look forward to the return of choral and congregational singing and instrumental ensembles with wind instruments and horns. Our building proposal includes a dedicated choir/music room on the same (no-steps) level as the sanctuary. Choir members will no longer need to disturb the adult forum in the Fireside Room (actual name TBD) to hang up their robes.  
  • Moving the organ to the chancel will allow the organist to direct the choir and lead the congregation from the bench. This placement highlights our fine instrument and its importance to our worship. 
  • Building priorities include improving digital ministry infrastructure (e.g., internet access) and the space and equipment needed for live streaming and recording. 
  • There will be ample storage space for music, robes, and instruments. And storage space to safely keep and easily retrieve worship-related materials, including communionware, paraments, and seasonal decorations.

Led by God’s Spirit, we build for youth and family ministry, and for spiritual growth at all ages and life stages. 

  • The proposal includes various-size rooms for adult education and small-group ministries, including forums and Bible studies. 
  • The third floor offers a secure and dedicated space for children’s ministry.
  • Flexible space on the lower level allows for large-group student gatherings (think VBS) and a place for middle- and high-school youth to call their own. 

Led by God’s Spirit, we build for service and outreach. The building proposal includes dedicated, flexible, and secure space for social-services ministry, such as the Free Clinic, on the lower level. This space positions us to respond to the needs of neighbors in renewed and new ways.

Led by God’s Spirit, we build for the community, partnering with Decorah-area organizations and congregations in renewed and new ways.

  • The building proposal prioritizes FLC’s function as a community center, with accessible and flexible spaces for meetings, gatherings, and rehearsals.
  • It solves the sanctuary roof issues while preserving our iconic steeple and historic exterior, a source of identity for both the congregation and the community.

 Led by God’s Spirit, we build for the congregation’s work and workers—staff, leaders, and volunteers. The building proposal includes an office suite and floor plan that will enhance workflow, collaboration, communication, and guest hospitality.

Led by God’s Spirit, we build with praise and thanksgiving for God’s abundant blessings. We build mindful of the faith, community, witness, and service nurtured at First Lutheran from generation to generation. We build with grateful appreciation for those who have worked, and will work, to bring us from dream and discernment, to mission-grounded proposal, to commitment and stewardship, to final plan, and from ground-breaking to the day of dedication. Led by God’s Spirit, we build for generations to come.  

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